Green Peter

Budapest-based knitwear brand KELE offers knits with a contemporary twist, manufactured and hand-finished by traditionally skilled local craftsmen. The brand’s upcoming collection draws influences from the Hungarian folktale Green Peter, the story of a little shepherd who seeks the hand of a princess. In order to succeed, he must face a great challenge: hide from the sight of the princess. In his quest he is assisted by magical creatures: the fish, the bird and the rose.

The season’s range has been specially crafted to recreate symbolic motifs found in the folktale. The fish, the bird and prominently the rose appears in a wide range of patterns and motifs: as a solo pattern, as structure and spreading motif, or as a Jaquard-pattern. The collection ranges from 100% lightweight cotton sweaters to ultra-fine polo dresses, echoing the whimsy of the folktale with a lush palette of summery greens and blues, gold and brown with a lead of the varying shades of red and rose. Keep an eye on the market for the collection’s release, and in the meantime take a look at the label’s equally colorful current offering in their webstore.